6 Things You Need To Know Before Buying An Apartment In Miami Beach

A Miami apartment screams prime real estate and, according to Miami entrepreneur Lee S. Rosen, it can. Before looking into the hip apartments of Miami Beach, it’s important to get to know what the place can offer you, and how you can benefit from it.

1. The Food is Amazing

While there are a lot of expensive tourist traps in Miami Beach, you’ll be happy to know that there are loads of affordable food trucks, cafes, and restaurants, too. Miami is mostly known for its vast selection of Cuban food, so if you want a taste of what Latin America has to offer, living there might just suit you.

The city is also known for its wide range of tropical fruits and, guess what, most of them are budget-friendly. Love mangoes? Your first mango season in Miami should be delightful.

2. One Realtor is Enough

Some other cities might force you to have two or more realtors. However, in Miami, you only need one to assist you with your real estate decisions. “It’s smart to stick to one realtor as your only partner during the whole process of buying an apartment in Miami,” advises Lee Rosen. If you’re a serious buyer, make sure to share your desires and all the necessary details with your realtor so he/she can find a place that meet your goals.

3. Flooding Could be a Problem

Miami is either too hot or too wet — that’s pretty much it. Sunny days may not bother you much, but the hurricane season could be problematic. And when there’s heavy rain and thunderstorms, flood is to be expected, although not in all areas. Some parts of Miami Beach are susceptible to flooding because they’re on the beach, obviously. When choosing real estate, know what the best options are and if the area has a flooding problem.

4. You’ll Love the Art Scene

Art Basel, an international art fair showcasing contemporary artworks by professional and new artists, has embedded the city’s name as an artistic destination. Miami’s Design District is a major attraction, as well. There you will see quite a creative neighborhood displaying the city’s adoration for art, design, and architecture. Art installations of different kinds are displayed in the district’s shopping stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

5. Parking Spaces are Limited

It’s a norm for Miami Beach apartment residents to rely on street parking because some apartments do not have their own lot. If you really need a space of your own, find an apartment that has its own garage and make sure there aren’t a lot of occupants with cars either.

Lots of lovely apartments do not have a parking space, but if you don’t mind having to part on the streets at night, it’s worth the risk, especially if you’re already comfortable with how the apartment is set up.

6. You’ll Soon Speak Spanish

The Latino culture is strong in Miami, making it a city full of bilinguals. If you’ve only spoken English before, it won’t take long before you learn a handful of Spanish words since basically everyone around you uses it. Miami has one of the highest immigrant populations in the U.S., so you’ll often hear Spanish being spoken on the street, shops, bars, restaurants, and offices. You may not learn the expanse of the language, but you’ll be able to spit out a few Español words all right.

“Buying an apartment in Miami Beach at the right price is key to staying afloat no matter what the economic conditions will look like in the future,” Lee Rosen notes. In the end, your readiness will determine if it’s time to find a new place or not.

South Florida Businessman Lee S. Rosen: 5 Profitable Businesses To Start In Boca Raton

Boca Raton isn’t called “City for All Seasons” for no reason. Commonly known to locals by its first name “Boca,” the Southeastern Florida city truly has it all. From dining, events, shopping, and attractions, Boca Raton will keep you coming back for more. And, yet, there’s more to Boca than plain fun and enjoyment. The city is one of the most profitable places to start a business, especially for those with a healthy supply of determination and common sense.

“Due to its population and location, there are vast low-cost business opportunities one can undertake in Boca,” says long-time Miami businessman Lee S. Rosen. With its strong local economy and an overwhelming amount of tourists visiting yearly, any business can survive in Boca.

That said, here are five of the most profitable business to start in Boca Raton, FL.

1. Food Truck Business

Along with the growth of the foodie movement is the palpitating increase in rent, making it more difficult to finance a brick-and-mortar location in cities. But, a few innovative and creative people have come up a solution to this dilemma by way of food trucks.

With a food truck business, there is increased geographic versatility and low overhead. Anyone with a unique recipe can take advantage of that and start hitting the road. You can park anywhere as long as there are people, but make sure to secure the necessary permits and other requirements so you can operate without issues.

2. Errand Service

“In a busy city like Boca Raton, running errands for senior citizens and busy professionals is viable, and the market is not congested yet,” Rosen notes. The best thing about this type of business is that there are no specific skills required. You only need be efficient, quick, and of course, able-bodied. Plus, start-up capital isn’t needed for this type of business. If you need to spend on something, however, it won’t cost you too much.

What you do need is to stand out from your competition by being flexible, organized, and using effective marketing techniques. With these in mind, you can definitely provide excellent service.

3. Transportation Services

Thriving cities like Boca Raton, where visitors most likely flock, are the best areas to start a transport service. Aside from local and foreign tourists, you’ll also benefit from busy professionals that prefer not to drive to work.

What you’ll need is a good working car, your driver’s license, and be knowledgeable of Boca’s road network. Your mobile should also be with you at all times to accept client calls even when on the road.

4. Fashion Boutique

For men and women who want to start their own business, a fashion store in a commercial area in Boca can be lucrative. Requiring a small capital and the drive to sell, selling clothes and fashion accessories can provide you with a reasonable profit. To be unique, you must establish a particular niche. For example, you could start selling women’s cocktail dresses and accessories. Apart from selling new items, you can also promote your own line of handcrafted or homemade fashion accessories.

5. Mobile Electronics Repair

People these days are obsessed with mobile devices that it’s not a piece of luxury anymore. Smart phones have become a necessity. While there are a lot of repairers inside the malls of Boca, you can stand out by going mobile. An electronics repair shop may require some overhead in the form of supplies, but you can still save from not having a physical location.

“Restaurants aren’t the only businesses thriving in Boca,” quips Rosen. “Several other industries are starting to prosper because of the pro-business environment and low tax rates. It’s the perfect place for a hip, new startup.”

Boca Raton Businessman Lee S. Rosen: 5 Things To Do In Boca Raton, Florida

Boca Raton businessman Lee S. Rosen has only beautiful things to say about Boca Raton — and rightly so. This Southeastern Florida city is a treasure trove of beaches, golf courses, and parks. That’s not to mention its rich cultural climate, active entertainment scene, and a multitude of shopping and vacation destinations.

“Boca Raton is not a city with plenty of parks; it’s a city WITHIN a park,” jokes Lee Rosen, a long time entrepreneur in and out of South Florida. The city has a whopping 46 parks, each with its own amenities, including playgrounds, pools, basketball courts, soccer fields, you name it. If you are looking for free Zumba classes or yoga and tai-chi sessions, Boca (as the locals fondly call it) has it.

Here are five fun things you can do when in Boca Raton, Florida.

1. Enjoy the sunset at South Inlet Park Beach.

This location features both manmade and natural reefs that will look stunning for snorkelers. Aside from water activities, you can also do fishing and cycling on site. If you just want to relax and bask in the sun, you can certainly do so — even with smallkids around. This place sees a lot of families having picnics, and there are plenty of lifeguards on duty to help keep everyone safe.

2.Be a kid again at Sugar Sand Park.

“This is a favorite because it never gets old,” muses Lee Rosen. Sugar Sand Park sits on a 53-hectare land with an outdoor science-themed water playground, basketball courts, six baseball fields, an inline hockey court, a carousel, and dozens of picnic tables all around. In addition, it holds the Children’s Science Explorium, the Field House, and the Willow Theater. Visitors of all ages will definitely enjoy hanging out here and devoting full day wouldn’t be enough.

3. Shop ’til you drop at Mizner Park.

Known as Boca Raton’s “lifestyle hub,” Mizner Park is where the serious shoppers go. The place sits on a vast property that also features top-rated restaurants and mini-attractions to delight mostly he younger crowd. It is also home to the Count de Hoernele Amphitheater and the Boca Raton Museum of Art.

4. Luxe tripping at the Town Center.

This is the city’s more upscale shopping destination and is pretty popular being the largest enclosed shopping mall in Palm Beach County. It houses more than 200 shops, including Neiman Marcus and Macy’s. Town Center is the second largest mall in South Florida (in terms of area).

5. Getting closer to the environment at Red Reef Park Beach.

Being in Boca Raton, one can never really run out of beach destinations to enjoy, Red

Reef certainly stands out as one the most popular destinations both for tourists and locals. This park is home to the Gumbo Limbo Environmental Complex, which has an indoor musuem, a number of aquariums featuring ocean wildlife, and a gift shop. It also has a boardwalk trail for the adventure seekers, which lets you explore the nearby woody section that houses a lovely garden and an observation tower.

“Boca Raton is a nice destination for solo travelers, couples, and even families, with kids,” adds Miami businessman Lee Rosen. “You can never really think too much about going to this city because there’s always something for everybody. Just can just go to Boca on a whim and you’ll still find something entertaining.”

Miami Businessman Lee Rosen Shares Golden Startup Tips For New Entrepreneurs

Miami businessman Lee S. Rosen has been helping many small business owners get a better handle of their ideas so they can translate these into profitable realities. With decades of experience on his back, both in the real and online realms, this South Florida entrepreneur certainly knows what it takes for startups to succeed. After all, Lee Rosen has helped form several companies from ground zero, including Healthy Bees LLC, DDS Technologies, and New Generation Biofuels. On top of that, this Boca Raton businessman is also an avid golfer, thus laying truth to the idea that true entrepreneurs stay grounded through sports.

Primary in his advice for startup entrepreneurs is to not count the chickens before the eggs hatch. As one moves into a new industry or tries to establish a name in a new niche, the goal is to just lay the foundation first and work to meet goals before listing down what you want to buy out of the projected profit. Lee S. Rosen shares his five golden nuggets of wisdom for small business owners.

1. Absorb everything.

Because you’re starting a new product or service, you will need all the feedback you can get from everyone. Good or bad, these pieces of advice are what will help you improve on your weaknesses. “Successful entrepreneurs are so because they know how to listen and act like a sponge when it comes to new information,” notes Lee Rosen.

Encourage people to be honest with you so you can find better ways to do things. Remember, without your customer, you won’t have any profits to speak of. By listening to what they have to say, no matter how “painful,” you learn. And it is only by accepting your weakness that you can move closer towards success.

2. No room for excuses.

“Business is not for those who constantly make excuses,” says Lee S. Rosen. Listing reasons why you cannot do a certain task will not make that job any easier nor will it get done. Worrying about the risks that your startup might face is normal, but it serves you better to find a solution or to be proactive about addressing potential problems before they arise. See every setback as a chance to improve and learn — don’t let it keep you from moving forward.

3. Present solutions or be one.

Think about what your product or service will solve. Successful startups are so because they addressed a problem and provided a fix. Don’t just think about what you want to sell; consider who it will help and anchor your strategy on that. For example, don’t open a coffee shop just because you love coffee. Set it up because there’s a market in your neighborhood that wants to enjoy fresh coffee anytime of the day but with an ambience.

4. Take note of your expenses.

Your idea sounds stellar and looks like it does have the potential to have you earn big bucks. But, first, what does it cost to get there? You will need to list down every expense related to launching and operating your new business. “These costs include rent, office supplies, marketing, even that coffee you bought for the first staff meeting, all those should be factored in,” says Rosen.

As your new business sets up, you have to be prepared to welcome costs from every angle. That includes your personal budget. Review all your funding options (like savings, loans, or borrowing money from a family member) before operating your startup.

5. Speak up.

Many startups fail to move past the launch phase because they are too shy to tell the world what they are about and what they can offer to the world. Remember that your goal is sell and make a profit. If you’re not over that shyness (or fear), it will be very difficult for you to make money.

“In my early days as a businessman, I feared having to speak to people to offer my services. I didn’t have any public speaking training, so I wasn’t open to the idea,” recounts Lee Rosen. “But experience teaches you a lot of things — one of those is that you need to speak confidently about your business, because nobody else will.”

Miami Businessman Lee S. Rosen: Starting A New Business In Boca Raton

Boca Raton businessman Lee S. Rosen has been a Miami entrepreneur for decades, so when it comes to the right person to ask about advice on starting a new business in the area, he is often tapped for resources. So many people are looking to take root and set up shop in Boca Raton mainly because of the wide range of opportunities to grow in various industries. Boca Raton has a beautiful beach, a rich culture, a bustling entertainment scene, and a busy business environment that there’s always something for the startup entrepreneur to anchor on.

We caught up with Lee Rosen in Miami to talk about what it takes to set up a new business in Boca Raton. Here are his five golden nuggets of wisdom for newbies.

1. Decide on your field of business and who your target market is.

There’s no business to speak of if you can’t decide on your niche. There are so many things you can do in Boca Raton and the possibilities are endless.

“Of course, you start with what you know,” says Lee Rosen. “You set up a business based on something that you have significant background on and use that as your root.”

But, first, check the existing market and see if there is a demand for what you do. Also, try to find out if your preferred niche is already saturated, and then you decide if you still want to go head-on with the existing businesses or adjust your sails to offer something others aren’t. You can also shelve the original idea and try out for a new niche that has a big demand but low supply. For example, there are hundreds of beauty salons in Boca Raton but less than a dozen barbershops.

2. Identify your location.

“Location is everything,” notes Lee Rosen. “Even if you have a solid marketing strategy in place, you still won’t have organic and impulse sales because customers have to go out of their usual way to see you.”

Boca Raton also has specific rules when it comes to setting up your business. Before leasing a space, you should first get in touch with the City Zoning Office to find out if your site is classified under the right district.

3. Get your local permits and certifications in order.

In addition to the business tax and certificate of use, you will need to secure specific licenses for certain types of ventures. For instance, if you’re setting up a cafe, you will need a certification from the Florida State Division of Hotels and Restaurants. If you’re offering a service, you have to secure a professional license from the Florida professional regulatory board.

“Without the right licenses, your business will not survive in Boca Raton. Just make sure that you have ironed out all the paperwork before even starting so there are headaches in the future,” says Rosen.

4. Be open to revise and evolve.

The market is constantly evolving and consumer appetites are changing by the day. While you should be loyal to your brand, you should also be open to throwing a few curve balls to cater to your market. Remember that with the advancements in technology, information is now available to people with just one click. Your business should welcome new ways to present your product and adopt fresh strategies to get your customers’ attentions.

5. Join local business groups and be friends with your neighbors.

Business is a constantly evolving realm and entrepreneurs should constantly update their knowledge to stay afloat. “There are plenty of learning programs in Boca Raton and Miami that can you enrol in or join,” notes Lee Rosen. “This not only expands your knowledge of new business insights and the changing market, it also widens your network and links you up with other local entrepreneurs who might become your growth partners in the future.”

Boca Raton businessman Lee S. Rosen believes that the city still has so much room to expand, so the markets are still very open for new players. The Miami businessman is currently the CEO of Healthy Bees LLC but has investments in many other enterprises around South Florida and other US cities.

“Every day, there’s something new to love about this beautiful city. Budding entrepreneurs will find that as long as they have the right strategy, growing and thriving in Boca Raton is very possible,” concludes Lee Rosen.

South Florida Businessman Lee S. Rosen Gives Advice On Acquiring A Luxury Home In Miami

For many people, Miami is not just a destination for fun and entertainment, it’s also a coveted spot for long-term stay. Who doesn’t want to wake up to sunshine and sounds of the sea almost every day, right? Everybody wants to retire where every day feels like a vacation.

If you are looking to buy a luxury property in Miami, the city has no shortage of stunning homes with breathtaking views. Whether you are considering living here or just want a fancy place to come home to whenever you visit, as with any other type property being bought, you need to perform due diligence. We caught up with long-time Miami resident and businessman Lee S. Rosen for tips on buying a luxury home.

Know what amenities you like to shorten your list of choices.

Make a list of what amenities you want so you know what you will be searching for. Also observe the landmarks and institutions that are near. If you’re bringing the entire family over, be sure you consider a home that’s closer to schools. Do you want a pool? A beachfront property? A rec room? An additional guest house? All these should be laid out from the start. You don’t want to waste your time looking at properties you have no intention of buying.

“Do you want a 5-bedroom mansion or are you satisfied with a 2-bedroom penthouse suite? Having a shorter list to choose from takes the stress out of property hunting,” notes Lee Rosen.

Choose a realtor who’s well-versed with the local market.

A real estate agent with experience handling luxury properties can help you choose the right one better (and faster) compared to someone who doesn’t know the Miami real estate climate that much. A seasoned realtor will have insider information and can probably even get you a better deal because he or she is already familiar with the owners. An expert local agent will also make processing the paperwork a lot more convenient.

Make sure you have the finances to back this up.

“A luxury Miami home entails a having a sizeable budget. Because Miami is considered prime real estate, you have to be prepared,” adds Lee Rosen. If you’re taking out a loan to fund this purchase, be sure to ask about pre-approvals before going out to view houses. You don’t want to be in that situation where you find your “dream home” but discover later that you can’t afford it. Knowing how much you can use from the beginning will help you screen properties that are according to your ceiling, so no time and effort is wasted.

List down all the items that will be left with the home after you buy it.

Some homes will be staged and contain decorative items for the purpose of marketing the house. Make an inventory of all the items that will stay with it after you’ve paid for it. Be sure to ask your realtor what’s included and what’s not. You may have been super impressed with such a nicely decorated home but open the doors to a bare space later.

Consider multiple locations.

“Don’t jump on the first house that you see, or the first property that made your heart skip a beat. There will be quite a few of those in Miami, so be sure to make the rounds first,” advises Lee Rosen. “So many homeowners make the mistake of buying on impulse and then regretting later because they saw something else they like.”

When you’ve finally decided on a luxury home, ask your realtor to draft an agreement that itemizes everything inside it, including appliances, furniture, flooring, carpets, wallpaper, light fittings, and more. Being specific with the items protects you from these things getting pulled out or replaced with lesser value alternatives in the final contract.

“Because luxury properties in Miami are definitely not cheap, you have to protect your investment and make sure you’re getting exactly what you expect,” concludes Rosen.

Setting Up A Business In Miami Beach? 5 Great Opportunities For Startups

If you are looking for set up a new business in the Miami Beach area, you’ve come to the right place. We got in touch with long-time South Florida businessman Lee S. Rosen to ask for insights on the best businesses to start in the area.


Truth be told, Miami is a treasure trove of opportunities whether you’re single, a young couple, or have a family. With its excellent busines climate, continuously growing domestic economy, and the absence of local and state personal income taxes, it is, no doubt, the place to be. That’s not to mention the awesome weather and the long beach line that makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US.


Here are 5 small businesses you can start in Miami Beach.


  1. Tour guide services


Miami is a melting pot of different cultures mostly because it is tourism center. Having one of the largest cruise ports in the world, it attracts thousands of visitors every year. If you are familiar with every twist and turn around the city, you can set up shop as a tour guide to help visitors find their way around town. You can create specialized tours that cater to a specific market or customized experiences, depending on what your clients are looking for.


“The good thing about being tour guide in Miami is that you don’t need a license or certification to be one,” notes Lee S. Rosen. “You can even set it up with zero capital, just as long as you know your way around and offer added value to tourists for a big tip.”


  1. Car or transport service


This is related to tourism because people will need a mode of transportation to go around. Depending on your budget, your coverage could be local, intra-city or cross-state. To start your own car service in Miami, you will need the right permits and licenses. Also, there are a lot of players in this industry, but if you play your cards right and market to the right people, you could be well on your way to having a fleet.


  1. Food truck or restaurant business


Everybody loves food. If you are great at cooking, you can start your very own small food cart business to showcase your specialties. While there are plenty of groceries in Miami and people do have their own kitchens, the fast-paced lifestyle among many makes taking out from food trucks a necessary convenience.


You can set up a full-service resto with a wide menu, or focus on one or two products for a foodcart. The good thing about the latter is that it can be mobile, so you can definitely go where the crowd is not be confined to just one space.


“I’m always out on meetings and sometimes don’t have the time to sit down for a full meal. I find food trucks a cheap, delicious and hearty way to get me going for the rest of the day,” adds Rosen.


  1. Day care services


Families are among the frequent visitors to Miami. Most hotels do offer kid care services, but they can come at quite a cost. You can offer to take care of the kids for families on holiday, so the grownups can enjoy everything that Miami has to offer without worrying about the little ones. Some day care services offer added value to clients beyond just keeping watch over the kids in a playroom. Some companies offer enrichment classes and sporting activities to that the kids, too, have a memorable time during their Miami trip.


Day care services also cater to locals with busy parents. Because Miami is such a bustling metropolis and nanny care is expensive, day care centers offer a cheaper alternative to young families.


  1. Errand service


As mentioned repeatedly, everybody in Miami is busy rushing off to somewhere or working. That means limited time to go out and get groceries, pay the bills, get the car tuned up, pick up the laundry, and more. Setting up an errand service helps makes people’s lives easier — and your pocket heftier.


“It’s a win-win situation. You don’t even need capital to start this business,” notes Lee S. Rosen.


You can begin with friends and family, and then when you’ve established your reputation as an honest and quick service provider, you can start marketing to strangers.


There is no shortage of business that you can start with or without capital in Miami Beach. Because of the sheer number of people that come and go, in addition to its huge population, there are plenty of opportunities to earn and make a living.

Living In Miami Beach: Insider Tips From South Florida Businessman Lee S. Rosen

Miami Beach is part of Miami and is composed of a long stretch of island located in the Atlantic Ocean. While it is more known as an entertainment and tourist destination, it is actually a very nice place to live and take root. But before you pack your belongings and decide to live here, you have to first be familiar with the different neighborhoods that make up with beautiful place.


For this purpose, we sought the help of long-time South Florida businessman Lee Rosen, chairman and CEO of Healthy Bees LLC, for his valuable insights. Now, let’s have a look at how it is to live in the different parts of Miami Beach.


South Beach

Fondly called by the locals as SoBe, this trendy part of Miami beach is the partygoer and shopper’s paradise. This walkable beachfront space is lined with fancy restaurants, retail shops, and nightclubs. SoBe is made for the party crowd and many establishments are open 24/7.

“Needless to say, the real estate here comes at quite price. Renting a condo unit, for one, might cost $2000 per month,” notes Lee Rosen. “But if you want to be where all the action is, it’s an awesome place to live in.”


So be is not really recommended for families with small children because there are limited entertainment options for the little ones. Parking spaces are also scarce and some condo units charge at least $100 monthly to park at their premises, in addition to the rent. You’ll rarely have use for a car here, though, so most locals opt to store their vehicles in nearby beach storage units for the time being.


South of Fifth


SoFi is located at the southernmost tip of Miami Beach and is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the area. It is home to some of the wealthiest people and Hollywood celebrities.


“Rents at SoFi cost around $3000 a month, but this high price comes with the best in luxury,” adds Lee Rosen. “Most if not all condos here have pools, tennis courts, 24-hour security… the works!”


Mid Beach


Small families might find a nice place to at Mid Beach, which is Miami Beach’s more kid-friendly and laid-back area. It is still home to plenty of shopping centers and beachfront hotels, but the landscape is wider (meaning parking is less of a hassle). Housing still comes with a hefty price tag, with condo units going for $200,000 and single houses priced at around $1 million. Rents are friendlier than SoBe and SoFi, though, costing between $1200 to $3500 montly depending on the site and the size of the space.


Bal Harbour


If you want to get away from the MTV Spring Break atmosphere, you can choose to live in Bal Harbour, which is located at the northern tip. The residential community is still luxurious, but it is a lot quieter and calmer. That said, all the relaxation and calm come with a premium. Rents at this area cost between $2,500 to $4,000 monthly.


“There are so many places to consider before deciding to live in Miami Beach,” notes Lee Rosen. “Don’t forget Sunset Islands, the North Beach, and Surfside, each of which offers unique price points and traits that will make them a suitable place to take root.”


But, regardless of the price, what makes Miami Beach really attractive is its sprawling beaches. Imagine waking up to the view of sea every day — that alone is priceless.

5 Things To Consider Before Buying A House In South Florida

South Beach FL

South Florida is one of the most coveted zip codes when it comes to living or owning property. Long-time Miami-based businessman Lee S. Rosen tells us in a quick chat the many perks of living in one of the busiest places in the US and why it’s well worth the investment. Miami Beach alone is considered one of the most fashionable cities in the world. Given the high number of tourists coming and going, plus the local population, it is a great place to establish a business and take root.


Here are 5 things you should consider before deciding on a South Florida house.


  1. Buy a house if you really want to stay


Lee S. Rosen South Florida has a unique set of characteristics that is not present in other areas in the US. For one, it fosters a luxurious and easygoing lifestyle. It is also home to a bustling nightlife. All that said, if you cannot imagine yourself living here for a minimum of 3 years, it might not yet be the right time to purchase a home.


  1. Check your buying capacity


“Homes in South Florida are expensive compared to other parts of the US, but that’s the price you pay for being in such a beautiful environment,” notes Lee S. Rosen.


If you are thinking of buying a home here, you might require taking out a loan. Because real estate prices are high, you will need a strong credit rating to qualify. Before you consider buying, check your credit report first and see if there are any errors so you can correct them before the loan officers have a look at your capacity to pay.


  1. See if there are schools nearby


Because you are buying to stay, you will likely be starting a family soon, if you don’t already have one. Look for an area that has a great selection of schools. Not only will these be convenient for you in the long term, but will also give your property a higher value in the future. Homes that are near great schools tend to be more desirable and valuable.


  1. Check out the mortgage options available in the area


“There are plenty of lenders in the South Florida area, so take the time to look around to see which you can afford,” advises Lee Rosen. Some home lenders require a 20 percent downpayment up front. If you can’t pay this yet, you can opt to apply with the Federal Housing Administration, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and other agencies that offer mortages as low as 3 percent.


  1. Get the help of a real estate professional


To be sure that you are getting the right property for your needs and your budget, it’s best to enlist the professional services of a licensed real estate broker. While there are plenty of DIY tips available online, nothing still beats the informed advice of somebody who knows his or her way around the industry. This is especially important if you’re a first-time home owner. The agent will have all the information you need and will present the best options available so you can find a beautiful South Florida home at a price that you are comfortable with.


“Buying a home in South Florida is without a doubt expensive, but all the benefits that you gain out of it are simply too precious to pass up,” adds Lee S. Rosen. “I’ve been living here for decades and even set up my business here. I have never regretted that decision to move here since.”

What’s It Like To Live In Miami? South Florida Businessman Lee Rosen Shares His Insights

Lee Rosen – Miami is called “The Magic City” not just because of this 24/7 bustling party scene but mostly because it is one of the largest business centers in the world. The place is home to one of the largest cruise ports in the US, thus opening a lot of doors for tourism, commerce, creative arts and more. In addition, the diversity of its inhabitants make it a melting pot of cultures and communities, placing it a par with the likes of New York only with more sun and sand.  According to statistics, Miami is home to a large Hispanic community, most of whom come from Cuba, so it’s really a diverse and fun mix of music, cuisine, and art.

“There’s a lot of reasons to visit and live in Miami, and that goes out to individuals, families and business owners,” notes Lee Rosen, chairman and CEO of Miami-based bee supplement maker Healthy Bees LLC. “I’ve been living here for years and have seen so many new people finding fresh opportunities to enrich their lives. Miami never really runs out of room for growth,” Lee Rosen adds.

Some people have the impression that Miami is just for the partygoers and businesses that cater to this type of market. Well, we really can’t blame them because that’s really what we mostly see on TV and movies. However, there is a lot more to “The Magic City” beyond its party-hard reputation. In addition to having plenty of career growth options and it’s simply lovable weather all-year-round, it is also a wonderful place to raise a family, whether traditional or non-traditional.

“The average annual salary for Miami is around $46,000 while the monthly rent normally goes at $1,100. At $200,000, you can already buy a nice home. That’s not bad for this world-class location,” adds Lee Rosen. “Miami is not all about entertainment and partying. There’s actually plenty of quiet areas that are well suited for growing families.”

When it comes to getting around, however, its still-developing public transport system leaves a lot to be desired. This is why most residents drive their cars around to get anywhere, thus causing heavy traffic. “Residents are hoping they that the improvements to the Metrorail or Metrobus get completed soon, so people can stop being so dependent on cars, ” notes Lee Rosen.