Why Miami Is The Best City In America, Businessman Lee Rosen Shares His Thoughts

Lee Rosen – There are plenty of reasons why Miami is the best place in the US to live in and start a business. We can rattle of statistics and charts to prove this point but, really, the best way to judge is to hear straight from a resident who has managed to take root and succeed in this flourishing city. We spoke to small businessman Lee Rosen, CEO and chairman of Healthy Bees LLC, to really understand why Miami is the best — and only — place to be.

Lee Rosen Miami The Best City

“First off, Miami is arguably the most ‘American’ city in the country, in the sense that it has one of the highest percentages of immigrant dwellers,” notes Lee Rosen. “That means a whole lot of opportunities to live and grow, not just business-wise but as an individual, or a family.”

Miami is proof that people can still come to the US to work and succeed. In fact, Kauffman Foundation’s 2017 Index of Startup Activity lists the south Florida city as number one in terms of new business creation. In number terms, that’s roughly 560 new entrepreneurs for every 100,000 adults.

“Miami businesses are driven by ‘opportunity,’ not necessity, which means there’s still so much room to grow,” adds Rosen. “What’s exciting is that because of its continuously evolving business climate, small business owners can take part in the process of community buildling. It’s not just for the big players.”

Miami is known for being a vibrant, bustling and diverse city. And while most of the businesses are tourism-related, with the city being one of the preferred tourists destinations worldwide, there remains an equal opportunity for professionals to thrive. The lovely climate all-year-round, plus the wide range of options available to would-be business owners, it is easy to write down Miami as the best place to set up shop.

Lee Rosen and company set up Healthy Bees, maker of BeesVita Plus, at Alton Road, Miami Beach, FL. BeesVita Plus is a nutritional system supposed to bolster honey bees’ immune systems and strengthen their resistance to pesticides, as well as improve their overall health.



Miami Businessman Lee S. Rosen: Why This South Florida City Is A Great Place For Startups

“It seems that every person I meet in Miami is entrepreneur and that’s a very good gauge of how rich this city is with opportunity,” Lee S. Rosen, chairman and CEO of Miami-based Healthy Bees LLC, shares proudly one afternoon over coffee.

Lee S. Rosen South Florida City

Healthy Bees is the creator of breakthrough product Lee S. Rosen – BeesVita Plus, which is a supplement that is designed to improve the health and general well-being of honey bees. Bees are known to be the biggest contributors to food production worldwide and have, over the years, significantly declined in numbers. Lee Rosen’s company aims to change all that.

But that’s not what this interview is all about. In this piece, we talk about the Miami business environment — and there’s no better way to measure true success than to speak with somebody who has emerged from the ground up.

According to the latest GEM report, while 22 percent of the population in Miami have started of run new business over the past two years. That’s compared to the 12.6 percent of Americans in other cities. The 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor report by Babson College also listed this south Florida city as having the highest rate of new business activity in the US, or twice the national recorded average. Those are impressive numbers.

“Miami is a city with large businesses and corporations, but much of its activity is about small operations. That’s not just in terms of tourism and entertainment industries. It’s also turning out to be a hotspot for tech-related startups,” adds Rosen.

The same Babson College report also adds that while 57 percent of the Americans surveyed said they saw positive opportunities for business in the last two years, a whopping 65 percent same the same in Miami alone. In fact, even local businesses are starting to aspire for an international presence. Lee Rosen’s Healthy Bees is a good example.

“Miami is the place to be, there’s no doubt about that. And I’m glad we started here,” ends Rosen.


South Florida Businessman Lee Rosen: Things To Consider When Opening A Miami Business

Lee Rosen – If you’re looking to expand your business in the US, there’s really no better place than setting up shop in Miami Beach. In addition to the lovely weather, where
the sun shines all year round, this place offers just the right balance of business and leisure to delight you as an entrepreneur and as a private individual.
Tourism is constant in this so-called Magic City. Whether you’re a professional looking to build your own private practice or party-lover who wants to put up a
bar near the beach, Miami is just perfect.

Lee Rosen Miami City

South Florida businessman Lee Rosen agrees. Miami Dade county is an excellent place both for new and expanding businesses. For one, Port Miami is the 11th biggest
cargo container port in the US and the largest cruise ship port in the world. That means a steady influx of tourists and easy access to supplies.


“You can set up any business in Miami and find that it’s the perfect environment for work and play,” notes Lee S. Rosen, the CEO and chairman of Healthy Bees LLC.
“Aside from being one of the richest US cities, it is where finance, culture, entertainment, fashion, commerce and everything flourishes. If you play your cards
right, you simply cannot go wrong setting up a business in Miami, FL.”


Rosen’s observations are backed by a CNN survey that lists Miami as of the best cities to launch a startup in the US. Even with the city’s already busy and
bustling business district, there is plenty of room for up-and-coming enterprises to build and grow. Chalk that up to the weather, but what’s particularly
interesting is the Florida’s small-business-friendly tax system.


Being a choice destination for many tourists from other US states and around the world, it is not surprising that many businesses in the city are related to
tourism. These include resorts, restaurants, nightclubs, spas, water sport rentals, hotels and souvenir shops. But, there’s also lots of room for professional
services like clinics, lawyers, advertising agencies, schools and more. Just make sure that you read up on the local regulations first before setting up.


“If you’re looking to open a brick and mortar location, don’t forget about the Florida Building Code,” advises Lee Rosen. “Repurposing an existing structure is
subject to specific occupancy rules. They’re not that difficult to follow, but it’s best to consult with the Community Development Department first to be sure
you’re on the right track. Once you’re done with that, things should be smooth sailing.”

International Business Success Tips: Lee S. Rosen Explains

Lee S. Rosen – If you’re looking to raise your business to a more global scale, you have to make sure you have a solid domestic operation. Feeling like you’re ready to take the world on is different from actually being prepared. If this is what you’ve been working so hard for in the past months, then brace yourself for these five fiery tips from master entrepreneur Lee S. Rosen to ensure that your foray into the international scene doesn’t fall short.

Lee S. Rosen International Business Success Tips

1. Decide which product or service you want to take global.

The smart way to enter the international scene is to start with a rock-solid product that you can carry to global success. Have a long menu of products and services? Don’t bring everything first. Choose one that you feel most confident parading around in and start from there. Remember, if you give clients too many choices, you might end up with no customers at all. Know what your top seller is and enter the market with a bang.

2. Use your domestic business success as your anchor.

You succeeded locally because you managed to get everything in line. In short, people like your offerings, know where to find you and come to you repeatedly. They also tell their family and friends about you and you have a positive relationship with them. Bank on these to tap into the foreign market. In this phase, slow and steady wins the race. While launching with a major flourish will get attention, building a lasting partnership with your new clientele is a whole new ball game.

3. Maximize your people.

Invest in trainings for your staff, especially the ones who will be handling your international business. Lee Rosen’s Miami business, Healthy Bees, didn’t succeed by simply staying with the status quo. He, as the owner, took time and effort to learn more about the international scene and invested in having his staff learn the same techniques, as well.

As your business goes global, everyone has to be on the same page and, ideally, bearing the same sets of skills and know-how. Develop an organizational environment that encourages a culture of shared values. This way, no matter what challenges may come your way, you and your team stay and grow together.

4. Go online.

The easiest way for your target international clients to know more about you is to have an online presence. Set up an official website, launch a blog, get listed on digital yellow pages, create interactive social media accounts. Lee Rosen’s Healthy Bees would not have had a wide impact if not for his highly informative website and strong online presence. If you’re unsure how to go about this, you can hire digital marketing agencies to help you set the stage and spread the word.

5. Do not be afraid to go global.

It can be a pretty intimidating thought and that’s understandable. Expanding your local business to the international scene can feel daunting and difficult. However, do note that with the right tools and focus, you can take your products and services to a wider market. By widening your reach, you boost potential earnings for your business.

In the case of Healthy Bees, Lee S. Rosen recalls his experience when he was starting out. “I wasn’t sure we could do it. But we did and I’m glad we took the risk.”

South Florida Businessman Lee Rosen: Things To Consider When Opening A Miami Business

If you’re looking to start a business or expand your existing one in Miami Beach, Florida, you’ve come to the right place. We got in touch with renowned South Florida businessman Lee S. Rosen, CEO and Chairman of Healthy Bees LLC, and got first-hand golden advice on setting up shop in this beautiful city. He also shares his reasons why he chose to live and stay in Florida out of all US states.

Lee Rosen Miami Beach

Sun Shines In Miami

There’s plenty of reasons to open a Miami business but a forever favorite is the beautiful weather. The sun shines all-year round in this part of the US and the beaches are just stunning. This makes it the perfect backdrop for tourism and, hence, business. The steady stream of tourists into the city makes for a continuously changing consumer market, making the environment highly exciting for entrepreneurs.

“There’s never a dull moment in Miami,” notes Lee Rosen. “Everybody’s either lounging around or trying to get somewhere, so us businessmen are always bustling and excited to entertain and innovate.”

Melting Pot For Business And Culture

Miami has the 11th biggest cargo container port in the country. That said, it is also the largest cruise ship port in the world. These two are key reasons why the tourism business in the city is always surging — and why big and small business owners are scrambling to get a share of the success pie.

“Miami is an Alpha-World City and is ranked seventh in the US in terms of culture, education, finance, fashion and just about every sector. This is why we chose to set up shop here. This is why I also live here,” said Lee Rosen proudly.

That’s not all. CNN even gave the Miami Metropolitan area the distinction as one of the best US cities to set up a new business. It mentioned specifically that start-ups have a great future here. Beyond the perfect weather and busy population, the tax rate also plays in favor of small businesses. The financing options to acquire a space or to fund a new project are also plentiful.

“It’s the perfect place to be,” adds Lee Rosen.

Lee S. Rosen – Boca Raton, Florida: Why It’s Such An Awesome Place To Live In

Lee S. Rosen – There are plenty of reasons why Boca Raton is the ideal choice for living, starting a family or setting up a business. This beautiful Florida city boasts many features that will make it a hands-down winner when it comes to choosing where to take up shop. So what makes Boca Raton such a great place to be in?

Lee S. Rosen Boca Raton

Wonderful Weather and Business Climate

If you’re looking for a summery vibe all year round, Boca Raton has it. To date, it’s lowest temperature recorded is 58 degrees F. Rains are rare and, when they do come, they usually happen in the evenings and last only a few minutes. If you are looking for a place that’s perennially warm, especially when other places are plodding through winters, this is the place to be.

Lee S. Rosen, chief executive of Healthy Bees LLC, notes that Florida weather is just what he needs for his business. Healthy Bees is the manufacturer of specialized supplements that help honey bees live longer and healthier lives. A huge percentage of our food is dependent on the activity of bees and his company is dedicated to making sure they keep doing their job for many more generations to come.

“In addition to having some of the world’s finest cuisines, Boca Raton has a positive economic environment. Whether you’re employed or own a business, the city’s tax-free policies is what attracts enterpreneurs like myself to build here. This, in turn, creates a healthier living environment for the residents because of the job opportunities,” says Lee S. Rosen.

Safe Environment

Compared to the other cities in Florida, Boca Raton’s crime rate is 38 percent lower. This means it is a safe place to be in. Whether you’re studying, starting a family, working or just having fun, you can roam around without worrying about being a victim of crime.

Getting around the city is also easy because of its safe and reliable public transport network. Lee Rosen adds that Boca Raton’s efficient commuting system adds to the many reasons why people choose to live here. “Whether you’re looking to travel by land, rail, air or water, you can do so in Boca Raton,” he quips.

Of course, it’s not all about work. The city is also serious about play. In addition to night life, malls, parks and other forms of entertainment, the city is home to beautiful beaches. What’s more, because Boca Raton’s population is relatively small. You can lounge around and sunbathe without worrying about shore space.

“One of the greatest things about Boca Raton is that you don’t get stressed trying to get around,” Lee Rosen says proudly. “Because there’s little traffic to deal with, you can get to work and come home still looking and feeling fresh. This simply is one of the best places to be in.”

Lee S. Rosen Miami – Bees : Habitat and Diet

Lee S. Rosen Miami – Bees : Habitat and Diet

Lee S. Rosen Miami Bees Habitat

Lee S. Rosen Miami of  Healthy Bees LLC– All bees fly from flower to flower, sipping nectar and collecting grains of pollen. Many plants depend on bees to spread pollen, helping them to reproduce. Flowers that attract bees are usually yellow, blue, and purple. Many bees specialize in one plant species. In areas where different flowering plants bloom at the same time, this keeps different bee species from fighting over the same flower!

Fruits and vegetables we like to eat, such as oranges, tomatoes, and squash, need bees to distribute the important pollen. When these crops are ready to produce their flowers, farmers often hire commercial beekeepers to deliver bees to their fields. The beekeeper places beehives near the field for a few weeks. The bees harvest pollen and nectar for their hive, and the plants get pollinated in the process.

Bees are also important in keeping food around for humans. We can thank bees for a lot of products we humans use:

Fruits and vegetables: Think of bees when you enjoy almonds, apples, avocados, blueberries, cherries, cranberries, cucumbers, kiwis, melons, peaches, pears, plums, strawberries, sunflower seeds, watermelons, and many more. These items are all the result of bee pollination!

Honey: Who doesn’t like the sweet taste of honey? Honey can have different flavors and colors, too, depending on which flowers the bees used to collect the nectar. For example, there is clover honey, orange-blossom honey, sourwood honey, and buckwheat honey.

Beeswax: Candles made from beeswax give off a honey-scented glow and burn cleanly and brightly. Beeswax is also used for hand cream, furniture polish, and candy coatings (like on jelly beans!).

Lee S. Rosen Miami – It’s a bee-utiful world with bees: Bees can be both remarkable and fascinating to watch, from a distance! Give them their space, and they will go about their work assisting in flowering plant reproduction and bringing us tastier fruits and vegetables, PLUS fewer pests and a healthier habitat!

Lee S. Rosen Miami: The Melting Pot For All Things Fun And Abundant — Even For Bees

Lee S. Rosen Miami Melting Pot For All

Lee S. Rosen – Miami is a melting pot for so many things related to culture and entertainment. Hence, it is no surprise that a good number of Americans want to settle down in this city or retire here. From its stunning beaches, bustling nightlife, active business district and more, there are plenty of reasons why Miami is considered a hub for commerce, travel and sheer indulgence.

The fact that this city is a great place to start a business is the key reason why Lee S. Rosen decided to put up shop in Miami, FL, out of all the US locations. Lee Rosen is the chief executive and chairman of Healthy Bees LLC, a revolutionary company that is bent on preserving the health and wealth that honey bees bring to the world. For one, Miami’s sub-tropical climate and enveloping seas make it highly conducive for agriculture and beekeeping.

“Miami is not just the ultimate escape for fun and freedom. It’s the perfect place to develop Healthy Bees and BeesVita Plus because agriculture has lots of room to flourish here,” said Lee Rosen. “That’s not to mention all the fun and hip activities that spring from this place. Miami is simply perfect to build a business and stay for the long term.”

One can never really run out of things to do in Miami. This is why it’s one of the top vacation destinations for many Americans and international tourists. In Miami, one feels so welcome to play and stay simply because of its rich cultural base. You’re most likely to find somebody of your orientation in this melting pot that you instantly feel like one with the city.

In fact, according to recent population figures, about 65 percent of the Miami-Dade County is of Latin American origin. Haitian Creole neighborhoods are also abundant. The varying cultures therefore establish a rich mosaic, as evidenced by the multitude of festivals and events that happen all year round.

Of course, when it comes to building a stable business that involves the health of honey bees, it is the perfect balance of the Miami climate that takes the cake, Lee S. Rosen adds. Miami enjoys some 80 to 90 degrees F in the summer and a just-right cool 65 degrees during the winter season. The glowing sun and sea breeze from the Atlantic makes almost every day a perfect one to be at the beach.



The Amazing Role Of Honey Bees To Life; Interview With Healthy Bees CEO Lee Rosen

The Amazing Role Of Honey Bees To Life; Interview With Healthy Bees CEO Lee S. Rosen

Lee S. Rosen On Honey Bees

Lee S. Rosen – Many of us are not aware of the huge role honey bees play in the keeping the earth’s balance. Because bees are largely responsible for pollinating flowers and, thereby, producing majority of the world’s food, the fact that their population seems to be dying out is cause for concern.

In a survey of over thousands of beekeepers all over the United States, a decline of 33 percent in the number of bee colonies from April 2016 to 2017 was noted. Alarmingly so, this is not a new occurrence. Over the past 10 years, bee colonies have dropped by around 40 percent.

“Honey Bees are responsible for one-third of the earth’s supply of food,” notes Lee S. Rosen, CEO of Healthy Bees LLC. While the drop observed last year is lower compared to what the bee community has been experiencing over the last decade, the fact that colony numbers are consistently dwindling is a major threat to our food supply.

Healthy Bees LLC is a breakthrough company that exists with one primary goal in mind — to ensure the good health of honey bees and their colonies. By doing so, the agricultural sector remains alive and nobody becomes in danger of losing access to food.

“Colony collapse disorder, also called CCD, wiped out nearly 80 percent of the bee colonies in a certain region in Italy,” Lee Rosen said. “However, one small town’s beekeeper managed to protect its bees from dying. Our team of scientists, headed by Dr Francesca del Vecchio, studied why this small family farm was spared and found out that it had a lot to do with what the bees were ingesting.”

Healthy Bees LLC thus created BeesVita Plus, which is a nutritional system for honey bees that is aimed at boosting their natural defenses. According to research, bees have started dying out due to many factors including parasites, poor nutrition, diseases and pesticides.

Given the situation, Lee Rosen recommends that even ordinary citizens do their share in keeping the honey bee colonies alive and well. One does not need to be a farmer to contribute to the effort. It can start with a simple gesture as choosing to buy honey from local bee farmers.

You can also discontinue using pesticides in your yard and start going organic. Naturally healthy bees need a good environment for them to thrive. Make your own garden conducive for their propagation.

“The health of honey bees requires community effort,” notes Lee S. Rosen. “It’s time we all do our share in preserving them if we want to make the earth a place of abundance not just for ourselves but also for the many more generations to come.”


Lee Rosen – The Secret Life Of Bees; Why This Humble Insect Is Crucial To How We Live

Lee S. Rosen – The Secret Life Of Bees; Why This Humble Insect Is Crucial To How We Live

Lee S. Rosen Secret Life Of Bees

Lee S. Rosen – Many might not know it, but bees are one of the hardest working creatures to ever roam the earth. It’s very easy to dismiss the role that these insects play because of their size, and because they are often portrayed in stories and media as mere stingers. However, there’s so much more about bees that needs to be brought out into the world. In fact, our lives depend on them.

According to research, about $19 billion worth of agricultural products made in the US in 2010 has something to do with honeybees and similar pollinators. Bees can be credited for pollinating about a sixth of all flowering species around the world and about 400 different types of plants. In fact, the combined effort of other pollinating creatures like hummingbirds, moths, butterflies, ants, bats and beetles contribute approximately $10 billion in the same year. That said, it is safe to say that our food supply is heavily reliant on the survival of bees.

According to Lee S. Rosen, CEO and chairman of Miami-based Healthy Bees LLC, the population of bees worldwide has declined sharply. This is mostly due to changes in the climate, parasites, pollution and other stressors that either directly kill them off or hamper their ability to reproduce. There are around 25,000 species of bees in the world and some 4,000 of these thrive in the US. Thus, to say that 33% of bee colonies have been dying over the past years is cause for concern.

Why are bees important and what is their role in balancing the ecosystem?

Pollination. Simply said, this process involves the transfer of pollen from the male part of the flower to the female part so that it is able to bear fruit, seed or nut. Lee Rosen notes that bees tend to keep to a certain type of plant during this activity, thus increasing the chances of higher quality and more abundant produce when the time comes.

Some plants can pollinate themselves by relying only on the wind, but it is the hard work of bees that ensure plant reproduction happens. Without their help, the food supply would be much different. For one, agricultural products that are very reliant on bee pollination includes the likes of asparagus, broccoli, blueberries, almonds, apples and pumpkins. If bees cease to exist, then we can all say goodbye to these fruit and veggie favorites. Of course, don’t forget the honey.

In addition to ensuring that we still have access to our favorite food, bees are also major contributors to making the earth look pretty. Without their work, we might not see the plethora of colorful blooms and foliage that we enjoy. While beautifying the planet might not be bees’ most economical role in the balance, it is definitely the one that is most aesthetically favorable.

Healthy Bees LLC is a company whose mission is to keep bees alive and healthy so the rest of us can continue enjoying a beautiful planet. Through the efforts of Lee S. Rosen and the firm’s team of scientists, the company is able to develop a solution to keep bee colony numbers from dropping. As a result, not only do we get to enjoy nature’s beauty all around, but also its flavorful and filling bounty.